Did You Know PPC Is Great for Crypto Marketing

Pay per click marketing or PPC is a way of online marketing wherein advertisers pay only when an ad is clicked on. All that money goes usually into an account that can be used to buy more ads later. This is different from organically earning visitors to a website or desired landing page. PPC advertising is the biggest and most efficient way to advertise online. 

Since the payout is only related to the people with a direct interest in a service or product, the costs for promotion aren’t as high. PPC is ideal for a near-instant positioning of a brand directly in view of possible customers.

Read on to learn more about PPC and why it’s great for cryptocurrency (crypto) marketing:

PPC Spending Only Happens When Content Is Seen

Traditional models include CPM, or cost per impression. Payments used to be for every thousand impressions on an ad. On the other hand, it’s only when impressions become link clicks that payout has to be done. It takes a lot off of initial ad copy. In that case, the budget and keyword targeting get more wiggle room. The website is also better off in that end conversions get a considerable boost.

Money saved to this end can be used for better optimizing landing pages and on-page content as a whole.

The Right People and Placement Will Be Targeted Well

In today’s day and age, brands have more specific targeting abilities than ever before. No matter what industry the business is in, the PPC strategy can be changed and tweaked for reaching the right people in the proper place.

In the case of crypto, ads can be set to appear midday or even late afternoon. This is often when people likely to spend on crypto will be primed to do so. A local audience as needed can also be set, since setting a mile radius limit is possible.

The Simplicity Of PPC is A Lot Like Pressing A Single Button

As previously mentioned, there is no need to wait months before seeing results with pay-per-click advertising. There’s no major build-up needed. People have full control of their advertising spend; another benefit of how simple PPC is. If there’s a need to pause PPC advertising at any time, it can be done without fuss. Traffic and leads get a gradual increase over time with standard content marketing. However, PPC moves this along at light speed-or, well, overnight. When a professional gets it set up, results are almost instant. The proof is in the tracking conversion, making things full-on transparent.

However, traffic will drop considerably if things are paused or “turned off.” Granted that PPC is just one part of an intensive digital marketing plan, compensating for that will be no issue.


Pay per click marketing is a huge advancement thanks to technology. It can be very helpful when it comes to crypto marketing for a number of reasons. This includes how simple PPC is, spending only when content is seen and the right people will be targeted including placement.

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