Helpful Practices and Tips in Creating Effective Google Ads

Unbeknownst to many, there’s a lot of work involved in crafting a Google ad campaign. For one to be effective and successful, marketers persevere to strike a balance between design and keywords. And what’s more, they come up with different strategies to make sure the ad will not just be buried under more popular competitors.

With all that said, it’s plain to see that creating online marketing materials is no easy feat. And if you’re one of those individuals having a hard time generating leads and attracting potential customers via online advertising, here’s a list of tips and practices that you can use to enhance your digital marketing skills.

1. Tweaking Ads To Be Responsive

According to statistics, 90 percent of the entire global internet population uses mobile devices to go online. In addition to this, mobile internet traffic accounts for more than 55 percent of overall web traffic. Thus, it’s critical to note that it’s no longer enough to create a simple ad campaign without responsive properties.

If you do not tweak your Google ad to be responsive, there’s a high chance that it will not load or display if an online user happens to view it from a smartphone. That being so, it would be an excellent idea to invest more in creating responsive ads and websites to make sure that you can position yourself in front of consumers, regardless of the device they’re using to browse the web.

2. Stimulating Emotional Response

Based on a consumer neuroscience study, researchers claim that the effectiveness of advertisements can be measured through unconscious emotional responses from the audience. Furthermore, they also discovered that people rely more on emotions than information when making brand decisions.

While the ad’s content is significant, stimulating an emotional response through your campaign impacts purchasing decisions. Additionally, evoking emotions through Google ads can help you build a meaningful and lucrative relationship with consumers.

3. Optimizing With Negative Keywords

First things first, negative keywords do not refer to inappropriate terms. In pay-per-click advertising, negative keywords involve focusing on words and phrases that matter to your target market. In a way, these keywords help prevent advertisements from displaying for particular searches that are unlikely to lead to conversions.

Optimizing your Google ad campaign with negative keywords is beneficial in focusing on phrases that your market will inquire about in search engines. This method can help you save resources and money on impressions and clicks that will not yield profit.


It’s challenging to create and craft a Google ad campaign. It takes a lot of money, time, and resources to build one. For this reason, online marketers usually focus on straightforward strategies that they deem proven and tested to make sure nothing goes wrong. But though the tips listed above are a bit different from the usual practices that marketers suggest, that doesn’t mean they don’t work. And if you’ll give it much thought, they’re actually pretty helpful in having your Google ad campaign stand out from the rest.

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