How to Reopen Suspended Google Ads Account

E-commerce business owners inevitably depend on Google Ads for a major portion of their sales and revenue. Being a market leader in the online marketing space, survival of your business without running Google Ads is next to impossible.

Why Google suspends your Ads account?

Google imposes strict terms and conditions on its users. One needs to carefully go through its Ads policy before using Google Ads for one’s business. The policies are specifically designed to avoid its users from taking unfair advantage of Google Ads, preventing undesirable business activities, counterfeiting, and other such malpractices.

Besides the strict Ads policy, there is a long list of other violations, which will result in account suspension by the Google Team.

How to reopen suspended Google Ads account

To reopen your Google Ads account, you must first know the reason behind such suspension. The procedure for revocation of the suspension will vary according to the reason behind it.

Given below are the ways to fix the same:

Step 1.

The first and foremost step would be to get in touch with the Google Team at the earliest to learn about the reason for suspension. The Google team can be approached by filing an appeal or calling on the customer representative cell. The customer representative will help you with your queries and give an idea about the reason for the suspension.

Step 2

The next step would be to fix the issue. The customer representatives often provide the callers with a strategy to fix the suspended site. You can follow the strategy to fix the site and submit your appeal.

If the suspension is due to an Ad, follow the below steps

  • Log into your Google Ads account and find the concerned Ads and extensions page
  • The status column will state the cause of the suspension of the account. 
  • When your Ad is disapproved, Google generally provides a link that explains what policy violation you are guilty of.
  • Click on the pencil icon on the ad and edit the Ad
  • Once your Ad is in compliance with Google Ads policies, save and submit your appeal.

Suspension due to payment issues

  • Google has strict payment terms in place to safeguard the financial interest of its users and prevent unauthorized payments and frauds. 
  • If you have been suspended for suspicious payment methods, you will need to remove the previous payment method and link another credit card. Your card needs to be in the name matching with the name of the Ad account holder.
  • Your new card should not be associated with any previously suspended account. 
  • Once done, submit an appeal to the account representative.

Sometimes the representative will not be able to provide you with an ideal solution. Even the notifications sent from Google sometimes do not contain sufficient information to help you with the suspension. 

In such an instance, the only way to is to read Google’s Ads policies, terms, and conditions thoroughly and make your website compliant.

If nothing works, you can seek professional help and contact a Google Ads expert to help you with your suspension. It is important to note that multiple violations of Google Ads policies result in a permanent ban by Google, which could end your business in great trouble.

In case you want further help our Google Partner Team can help you restore your Google Ads account and If you have any further questions regards to suspension due to Suspicious Payment Activity, you can contact our Google ads suspended team. 

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