Navigating through Seasonality How PPC Advertising Helps

Trends in the industry are always three months ahead of the need, and this implies that you should start preparing for the next season at least three months in advance.

Think about your PPC campaign in terms of the whole year to get the most out of it. It helps you catch bargain-hunters early on, so you have more money to work with when it matters.

To help you get started, here’s a quick and easy guide to PPC advertising—and how it can get you through seasonality:

Adapt Your Campaigns Accordingly

You can guarantee that your PPC advertisements are lucrative all year long by changing them depending on the seasonal inflow of your goods.

Seasonality has three major impacts on your campaign: cost per click (CPC), quality score, and conversions. They all change with the seasons since people aren’t all searching for the same things at the same time, particularly if they live someplace with four separate seasons.

Modify Your Seasonal Ad Copy

PPC is an excellent method to remind people of upcoming holidays or events, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or a college graduation. Simply put, PPC may assist draw attention to your ad long before it is really necessary.

When adapting for seasonality, keep in mind that the language in your advertisements may be a huge assistance. Because the text is typically the most essential aspect of an ad, you should utilize seasonal content that works well throughout various seasons.

Adjust Based on Data

When it comes to determining seasonality, analytics is a vital tool to have at your disposal. This is a great place to start learning about how modifications may impact traffic and conversions.

You should install Google Analytics or any third-party software with this functionality on your website so that you can easily observe variations throughout various seasons.

This will assist you in scouting the trends between distinct goods over the course of many months. Analytics and data will assist you in determining if you need to slow down, ramp up, or stop any campaigns throughout the various seasons.

Analyze Behavior of Different Campaigns

Methods like changing bids, adding negative keywords, or even employing retargeting can guarantee that customers don’t forget where they left off with an abandoned shopping cart on your site. In turn, this may help assure success during all four seasons.

You can also consider how your advertisements performed in prior seasons. This will enable you to observe which kinds of advertisements are more effective at various periods of the year and if any adjustments are required for a new season.

Tailor Your Budget to Suit Different Seasons

It’s essential to determine your PPC budget in advance and make adjustments depending on your data. Depending on whether or not sales are higher at different periods of the year owing to seasonal influxes, this may be altered by adding or deleting keywords from campaigns that may no longer perform effectively with reduced visitor levels.

You should know your break-even point to know how much money you need to make before advertising ceases being lucrative. This will provide you with additional information into where your marketing efforts should be directed, and changes should be made when the seasons change.


Before adapting for seasonality, consider having a team of individuals who can assist with the task. If there are workers available, it may be good to assign specific duties to understand what has to be done and when their contribution will be helpful. As a result, it is in your best interest to engage with a trustworthy PPC advertising agency to save time performing all of this work yourself.

Adjusting your PPC campaign for seasonality is a simple procedure, but it is preferable to enlist the help of PPC management experts to guarantee that this job is done properly. Discover My Business is a digital marketing firm specializing in PPC, site design, marketing automation, and video creation. Let’s talk about growth—reach out today!

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