Request Refund in Google Ads

One common problem encountered by advertisers is the issue of fraudulent ad clicks. You can estimate the concern of fraud by these statistics: fraud takes one dollar out of the five dollars spent on digital ads, and almost twenty percent of the websites are attacked exclusively by fraud bots!!

Considering the high cost involved in an advertising campaign on Google ads, fake clicks on your product ads or some bots attacking your ads could seriously waste a significant part of your money invested in the business promotions. Now, how can you protect your business from fraudulent behavior in your advertisements?

Simple, by ensuring that you pay only for legitimate ad clicks on your promotions. Since there is no point in giving money for any suspicious clicks, you can request a refund in Google ads by getting back your money that has been wasted on fake promotions.

If you have to request a refund in Google ads, you need to take certain steps before submitting your request. This blog will steer you in the right direction by illustrating all the steps which are required to request a refund in Google ads so that your hard-earned money is not wasted in any fraudulent activity!!

What are the steps to request a refund in Google ads?

Before submitting any request, you have to provide the correct data to Google for indicating any fake clicks. Do not make the mistake of sending your entire history as you can’t expect Google to go through your entire ad clicks, and find out the fraud clicks.

Once you have collected enough evidence to prove some fake or suspicious clicks on your ads, follow these steps to claim a refund:

  1. Collect all important information from your side

Make sure you collect all necessary information from your end: Account Login ID, Google Ads customer ID, date when the suspicious activity began, date when suspicious activity ended, campaigns affected, ad groups affected, keywords affected, a summary of the issue, IP addresses, suspicious sites, and a copy of your weblogs or tracking data.

Without using any third-party software for tracking the IP addresses of users clicking on your ads, it will be difficult for you to get the required data of fake clicks. In that case, you have to check the suspicious IP addresses manually from your server logs and match them with the blacklisted IP addresses provided on some IP address lookup tools.

Since it is a time-consuming process, we suggest you to do this process with the use of some third-party software.

  1. Fill out the Google Ads Refund Request Form

Once you have collected all details, fill out Google’s Click Quality Form. Make sure you provide the correct information so that you have a good chance of getting a refund. You will get a response from Google within six weeks regarding your refund request.

Note: Remember, only 20-25% of claims receive successful refunds, and you can only make one refund request within 60 days. So, make sure you track your fake or suspicious clicks carefully and submit the report with adequate evidence for ensuring a successful refund. Thanks for reading!!

Note: Hope you found the information useful on why Google ads suspended. For more such enlightening bits, keep following our blog. Thanks for reading!

In case you want further help our Google Partner Team can help you restore your Google Ads account and If you have any further questions regards to suspension due to Suspicious Payment Activity, you can contact our Google ads suspended team. 


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