Should You Use Bing Ads An Overview on a Niche Platform

Most people tend to confuse Google and search engines as practically the same thing. This is because Google has become ingrained in consumers’ minds as the brand for search engine queries.

With Google hogging the spotlight from other search engine platforms, it can be easy to forget that Bing exists. Since search engine marketing is becoming more prevalent thanks to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it’s important to know if Bing ads still have a place in today’s Google-centric generation.

The Similarities Between Google and Bing Ads

Bing ads are essentially similar to Google Ads, albeit handled by Microsoft Advertising. Through its platform, the pay-per-click (PPC) program promotes functions similarly as well. It allows business owners to promote ads by targeting a specific audience to increase organic traffic for their websites.

Besides its function, Bing ads also have a similar format in title and meta data length. Additionally, its auction system for keyword bidding is also an admirable reflection of Google’s. With all the similarities between the two, you might already be wondering if it’s still worth the investment.

The Value of Competition

Although Google essentially has a hold on cloud-based software in the market, that doesn’t mean it has a monopoly over all online networks. Being owned by Microsoft, Bing allows advertising spots on different partner sites like AOL, MSN, Yahoo, etc. This makes it the premier platform for hosting your ads by diversifying your brand’s presence online.

Bing ads still reach an astounding number of users, about 63 million online viewers across all platforms, making it a missed opportunity to use its ad program. Besides catering to search engine searches, Bing also has one unique advantage over Google that it cannot compete with to this day.

The Importance of Catering to the Right Target Market

It’s important to consider the platforms you’re using for your PPC campaigns, whether it’s a search engine or social media platform. This is because you need to invest in ad spots that your target demographic uses. If they’re not present in the platforms you subscribe to, you’re practically wasting air time while waiting for chance results.

Where Bing really stands out is its connection to LinkedIn profiles since Microsoft owns the corporate networking platform. This is because LinkedIn allows targeting options for marketing to specific individuals and companies. Through Bing’s PPC campaigns, you can target specific users’ device type, OS, and even the particular time zones of these campaigns. This makes Bing advertising an excellent benefit for B2B marketing opportunities.


While Bing ads have strengths in B2B marketing, that doesn’t mean you should fully invest your resources. This is why you should always incorporate the value of diversifying your marketing strategies. Through this method, you’ll have greater opportunities to expand marketing channels and establish a greater reach. Since this endeavor will be difficult to manage yourself, you’ll benefit from hiring a capable digital marketing agency to assist you.

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