The Best Time to Hire a Google AdWords Professional Service

The reach of Google AdWords is phenomenal at 80 percent of internet users. The good news is that pay-per-click (PPC) advertisers only pay when someone clicks their ad. You might think that getting started with PPC ads requires hiring a Google AdWords expert right away.

However, you can start running PPC ads on your own when you’re kickstarting your online presence. You can begin by performing comprehensive research on how to run campaigns or research for trending keywords in your particular niche.

Beyond the initial setup process, analyzing the results and knowing what to do next can be a complex and time-consuming method, but it is necessary to see success.

However, as your campaigns grow, getting a Google AdWords expert might come in handy. As your online presence increases, or as you bid for more keywords, DIY measures may not be enough anymore. By then, PPC advertising would require much more than simply choosing the right keywords for a product.

You would need to make those keywords work for your brand in terms of lead generations and conversions. Google AdWords experts will know specialized strategies to accomplish these goals as quickly and efficiently as possible without breaking your marketing budget.

Signs You May Need A Google AdWords Pro

Here are indicators to look out for when you need a Google AdWords professional to take over your PPC campaigns:

●    You Are Flatlining at 5 Percent Revenue Growth

For PPC ads to be considered successful, they should bring at least 15 percent revenue. If you can’t seem to go past 5 percent, it’s time to hire a pro.

●     You Fail to Get a Good List of Keywords

If you have difficulty compiling a good list of keywords, it’s time to get professional help. A Google AdWords expert will help you get a good keyword list and build your negative keyword list as well to prevent attracting the wrong demographic.

Although no pro can guarantee success, they will still have more insight and acuity in PPC ads management than you. Their knowledge and insight may be the difference between a successful campaign and saving you time and money.

Qualities to Expect from a Google Adwords Expert

Here are qualities you need to look for in a professional Google AdWords manager before you hire them:

●     High Level of Expertise

Some businesses focus on eCommerce, some on physical stores, or a mix of both. Find a professional who can integrate your in-store and online efforts or specialize in your specific niche.

Make sure you vet the expert or experts you are getting. Check if they have the expertise to solve your specific concerns and if they are well-equipped to reach your target demographic.

●     Service at a Reasonable Price

Get a Google AdWords specialist that offers their services for a reasonable price. Don’t just pick who can provide the cheapest fees because you might not get quality service.

Those confident with their skills will charge a reasonable amount that would be well worth the price once PPC campaigns start flying off successfully. In addition, ask if they offer a complimentary analysis or a no-cost short-term test. Hence, you can test the waters before hiring the Google AdWords expert long-term.

  •    Reliable References

Finally, ask the Google AdWords specialist for their portfolio, along with references or past project managers that can vouch for their service. You can also ask past employers or project managers if they were satisfied with the pro’s services. A reputable track record goes a long way with something as crucial as a PPC campaign.


Determine your strengths and limitations, together with the resources your business has available for a PPC campaign. If you’re ready to get into PPC advertising, engage a Google Adwords professional to help you develop, plan, and execute strategies that bring in more leads and conversions.


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