The Value of PPC Keywords in Boosting Your Brand Online

The new normal for organizations requires social media marketing, lead generation, content marketing, online reviews, and impeccable PPC advertising to kickstart your digital marketing strategies.


Some organizations spend relatively little on PPC advertising, while others spend tens of thousands of dollars every month. This decision depends on your marketing goals and budget.  Small businesses may use PPC to improve brand recognition while organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) grows.

Let’s take a closer look at different PPC keyword match types and how they can boost your brand online:

Importance of PPC Keyword Match Type

When developing your keyword selection, it is critical to pick the most appropriate keyword match type. Experienced PPC marketers utilize the numerous applications of different match types by aligning them to a campaign. A strong keyword strategy can assist you in focusing your ad spend and achieving a higher return on your investment.

The different PPC match types can include any or all of the following, listed in order of effectivity and impact:

1. Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords include more than three to four words or more. For example, instead of just bidding for “ads management,” you can bid for “best google ads management company.” You can even add a location, like “best google ads management company in the US” or “best US google ads management company.” Because they are more precise, they have a lesser volume yet are often bring the most conversions.

Since there is less competition for long-tail keywords, placing PPC ads with them is cheaper. The market that long-tail keywords also have a stronger buying intent, typically at the last stages of the funnel before conversion or sales. The more precise your long-tail keywords are, the better.

2. Location Keywords

It is wiser to focus on local SEO, especially if that’s your market demographic. So it’s also wise to include location keywords in your PPC ad campaigns.

These are often used for home or mobile services, but they are also ideal for any company with a physical shop or provides services to client residences in a specific place. The user may search for nearby services by entering a location or using their present location, such as “best flower shop in Brooklyn” or “social media marketing company near me.”

3. Transactional Keywords

Keywords are phrases and keywords with a purchasing intent–that is, consumers search for these keywords to locate the services or goods they wish to use or buy. An example would be “buy customized holiday gifts,” “cheap plumbing services,” or “hire AdWords consultant.”

4. Branded Keywords


Users already doing high-intent searchers know which website they want to visit and most likely have a particular objective in mind. People who search for keywords that contain a business name are searching for items or services related to that brand, such as “factory price original Adidas shoes” or “second-hand Ford trucks.”

5. Informational Keywords

These are keywords used when people are looking for precise information on a specific topic. This may give a chance to obtain awareness at a very early stage of someone’s journey to buy, such as “how to travel in Europe during the pandemic” or “guide to consolidating personal loans.”

6. Generic Keywords

General terms are search phrases that individuals use when they are not looking for anything particular. These are popular, broad search phrases that get a lot of traffic. However, choosing generic keywords in your PPC campaign will also cost you more since there is high competition in bidding for them.


For SEO to succeed, adjusting meta tags for subtle and attentive digital marketing is critical. Using meta tags, brand awareness, and titles successfully increases click-throughs and improves site performance. So if you haven’t done it yet, you better include and optimize meta tags in your SEO strategy right now.

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