Why My Google Ads Suspended?

What is the most important element for any industry to thrive in business? The answer – customer trust. This factor becomes more precious for sellers when it comes to the online business world.

Every seller needs to refrain from indulging in misleading promotions, selling of counterfeit items, frauds, and other unethical aspects that can reduce the prospects of online shopping for any customer.

This is why; Google has its Google Ads policies for building a safe and positive experience for the customers in the digital business ecosystem. 

If you, as a user, violate those policies, Google will straight away suspend your account, and you won’t be able to do any more business promotions. Therefore, it becomes pertinent to be aware of these policies for finding out the answer to the often asked question among the online advertisers, i.e., why my Google ads suspended?

Why were my Google ads suspended?

The advertising policies of Google are primarily divided into four broad areas:

  1. Prohibited Content

This area generally includes the content which you are not allowed to advertise on the Google Network. You can’t promote the sale of counterfeit goods containing the trademark or sign substantially similar to the existing brand, otherwise, be prepared to get your Google ads suspended!!

Further, you are not allowed to promote products or services that cause any damage or harm to the customers, ex: recreational drugs, explosive materials, fireworks, etc.

Never cheat your customers by displaying products or services enabling dishonest behavior like fake documents, hacking software or instructions, etc. 

Always value diversity and foster respect by excluding offensive content, such as bullying, racial discrimination, murder, etc., from your promotions!!

  1. Prohibited Practices

These practices include the things which Google does not permit you to do if you advertise with it, for instance, do not try to abuse the ad network by tricking or circumventing the ad review processes.

Always handle user information with the utmost care, and avoid making irresponsible data collection and use on unsecured servers. Similarly, provide correct information on your ad content which can help the users making informed decisions regarding their purchases. 

Remember, Google deals with misrepresentation very seriously, so don’t lose your account unnecessarily by providing wrong information regarding your business or products!!

  1. Restricted content and features

This policy restricts content that is legally or culturally sensitive, for instance, you are not allowed to display explicit sexual content (Visible genitalia and female breasts, sexually suggestive live chat, etc.) in your ad content.

Similarly, refrain from posting alcohol-related advertising in countries where it is not allowed. Further, avoid using copyrighted content in your promotions if you are not authorized by the copyright holder to do so!!

If you have to post something related to gambling, then it is strongly advisable to learn what sort of restricted gambling-related content is not allowed in Google, otherwise, you can face an ad suspension due to non-compliance with the policy. 

Also, you have to make sure that you don’t advertise kid restrict content on Google ads. Always ensure while posting advertisements related to healthcare and medicines, politics, and financial services, you follow the local laws and standards. 

  1. Editorial and Technical requirements

It is important to provide a good and safe experience to the customers while they navigate our website, ads, or other online content. Therefore, always have all ads, extensions, and destinations of high editorial and technical standards for ensuring a quality user experience!!

Note: Hope you found the information useful on why Google ads suspended. For more such enlightening bits, keep following our blog. Thanks for reading!

In case you want further help our Google Partner Team can help you restore your Google Ads account and If you have any further questions regards to suspension due to Suspicious Payment Activity, you can contact our Google ads suspended team. 

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