Common Google Merchant Center Errors

The formula to successful advertising campaigning is having error-free product feed and promotions. However, things are not as easy as they sound and therefore many online sellers face difficulty in maximizing their product reach on Google due to some common Google Merchant Center errors.

Ignoring these errors can even ruin your product marketing campaign by getting your account suspended from Google!

So the best thing to do is knowing what those common errors are to have a flawless campaign on digital platforms. So, let us dive in!!

What are the common Google Merchant Center errors?

  1. Violation of Google Shopping policies

The accounts of online retailers are often suspended by Google for the violation of Google shopping policies.

Some of these violations include selling or promoting the sale of counterfeit products, promotion of products causing damage, harm, or injury, display of inappropriate or offensive content that can offend the customers.

Further, you should not try to abuse the ad network by posting malicious content, gaining an unfair advantage in shopping campaigns, and attempting to bypass the review process.

Sometimes, online sellers get their accounts suspended due to irresponsible collection and use of customers’ data. This usually happens when they obtain the personal information of the customers over non-secure SSL server connections.

Similarly, users generally do not provide all relevant information about their product or indulge in misrepresentation by concealing accurate, realistic, and truthful information of the product in the promotions.

Always make sure that you do not include trademarks or copyrighted content in your product description or other promotional stuff because any carelessness from your end can affect your account!!

  1. Errors related to the price and availability of the product

You are expected to provide accurate prices and availability of the product in the product feed. Google Merchant Center will raise complications if the price and availability of the product are different from their website.

You will also encounter an error when you do not mention the currency or price in the product feed. Similarly, do not submit free products along with your shopping feed. Similarly, always mention the correct field for the price attribute in your product feed. Some of the fields for pricing are ‘retail_price’, ‘compare_at_price’, ‘price’. Do not get confused between these terms, and give the correct price in the respective fields!!

  1. Incorrect Product description and Images

Whenever users do not follow the guidelines related to the product description, title, image fields, and other related fields, they are faced with errors in their accounts. You have to ensure that you mention all this information in a prescribed manner; otherwise, your product will not appear in the search queries.

  1. Using the same feed for multiple countries

One of the most common mistakes done by the users is the usage of the same data feed in multiple countries. Always make sure that your data feed is customized as per the requirements (different currency, language, pricing, etc.) of other countries.

  1. Shipping errors

Users generally provide insufficient data in shipping feed and later on face difficulties in their accounts. You can also face issues in your account if you do not provide shipping rates, shipping weight, or shipping price and countries, etc!

Note: Sometimes, an error can cost you an account suspension, and can seriously injure your product prospects. So, always ensure that you do not commit all these errors, and provide all necessary information in your account and product feed correctly. Thanks for reading!

In case you want further help our Google Partner Team can help you restore your Google Ads account and If you have any further questions regards to suspension due to Suspicious Payment Activity, you can contact our Google ads suspended team.

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