Reasons your Google Ads Account is Suspended

The online advertising business has become an investment opportunity with enormous profit returns. As per Google Ads Statistics 2020, more than 80% of Alphabet’s revenue comes from Ads, amounting to $147 billion in the last year. 

This tells there exists a massive potential in leveraging Google Ads, though account suspension must be avoided at all costs as it’s a significant problem faced by any advertisers.

Let’s discuss the reasons for Google ads account suspension to avoid any detrimental effect on the ongoing campaign. So let’s dive right in!

Reasons for Google Ad Account Suspension

Google has a zero-tolerance policy on regulation violators. It asserts it on everyone to create a positive and safe experience for all its users and advertisers. 

The major reasons for suspending your Google Ads Account are:

The act of engaging in practices that can circumvent or interfere with Google’s advertising processes and systems or attempting to do so is a possible reason for suspending your account. Some examples of these practices include cloaking, manipulating ad texts, devious redirects, and submitting false documents for verification. Google removed over 867 million ads last year for cloaking and evading its detection system,

  • Misrepresentation of business activities: 

Google removed over 101 million ads for violating misrepresentation policies.

Indulging in unacceptable business behaviors is a serious violation that could not only result in an account suspension but even a permanent ban. The deceptive practices include scamming customers by concealing information on your products or services, phishing activities, misrepresenting your country of origin, and other material details. 

  • Counterfeit goods:

The involvement in the promotion of any counterfeit goods or anything that passes off as the genuine brand is not tolerated and allowed by Google Ads, resulting in your account suspension. The typical examples include selling knockoffs, clones, mirror images, fakes, replicas, imitations, and other similar products to online users.

  • Promoting unauthorized pharmacies:

Google has removed over 99 million Covid-19 related ads for serving wrong information to users. Promoting or publicizing pharmaceutical products without proper approval or sanctioned documents will result in the suspension of your account. The deceitful activities include selling prescription drugs without one and targeting locations where you have no authorization or license. 

  • Coordinated deceitful practices:

Association of advertising products with inaccurate or disclosed prices and coordinating with other websites to carry out deceptive business policies will surely get your account suspended. Some examples include giving false business names for selling products of similar brands, advertising products or services as free when they are chargeable, and disclosing the exact full payment the user has to bear to get the product.

  • Trade sanctions violation:

The business should follow every legal requirement of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to publish their business advertisements in many other countries. Google will suspend the accounts that are found breaking or deviating from these regulations.

There are a few more reasons that might get your account suspended, and they are as follows:


Resolving your Google Ads account suspension will take time. Here contacting the Google team will ensure your issue gets resolved in the shortest time possible. Make sure to follow all the Google Ads policies to avoid suspension and further loss of customers.

We hope the information helps in dealing with the Google Ad suspension issue. You can always contact our Google Ads Partner Support team to restore your Google Ads account.


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