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Case Study 
Elevator Manufacturer

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Project Background
Company C-level employees wants to rebuild an online marketing strategy for their current google adwords account in Australia, it was extremely difficult to them to switch to another Pay-Per-Click Company. Their Lift company wanted to start the online marketing with a new Google AdWords strategy with highly targeted keywords and ads. Our team approached elevator company to help them build their new successful Google AdWords.


Industry: Pools & Spa
Date: July 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018
Service Provided: Google Adwords

Elevators Manufacturer is a privately-owned Australian company with over half a century of experience in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of lifts. Their company and associated companies are proud to boast a portfolio including over three thousand projects for major construction firms, property developers, architects, builders and individual homeowners.

How We Helped

As a Google Certified Partner we are created specific company analyze and ad research. They had limited communication with old PPC company and no plan to grow leads through google Adwords. Their ads were set up with minimal optimization and they were losing out to their competitors, even having mid CPC prices for the same service category. DiscoverMyBusiness came up with a strategy to increase lead generation while implementing data analyze from previous strategy and processes that benefit future structure and result in Google AdWords. With new set up we follow each visitors from page to page and evaluating best performed audiance.

We executed solutions above, our own niche research and in-house analyze, segmented keywords and ad groups allowing visitors to contact with client.


Search Only Campaign


Call Strategy


Display Campaign


Brand Campaign

The Results

Since beginning work with elevator company, our paid search strategy has seen fantastic progress in desired metrics:

The company steady increase in leads, from 0 conversions to 69, this numbers enabled company to focus attention on sales. This led to increasing PPC budget by 30% each month and increasing conversions
  • Increase in Revenue – 40%
  • Increase in Leads – 750%
  • Increase in Clicks – 50%

Client's location

Western Australia

Time limit

9 Month


Lead Generation

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