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Ticket Crushers Overview

Company Overview

The experienced attorneys at Ticket Crushers represent clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California for traffic and speeding violations.

By focusing exclusively on traffic defense, their attorneys can provide the most aggressive and effective defense possible.

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Project Details

Companies have problems with getting results, most of the competitors are continuously experiencing a shift in how they find new customers due to constant advancements in the pay per click space.
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Landing Page and Google Ads Data

DiscoverMyBusiness team helping traffic and speeding ticket attorneys to design and develop landing pages that converts like crazy, as well as our team handled full spectrum of Google Ads set up and manage services, specifically focussing in search and mobile campaigns that provides consistent lead flow to our client!

How DiscoverMyBusiness solves the problem.

Knowing the results TicketCrushers was after, we rose to the challenge and started by designing a new landing pages for the company, making it easier to track results and convert visitors at highest rate. Next, came the challenge of getting traffic to see the landing pages.

Having knowledge in Google Ads and Data Analysis, we moved the law firm to the first positions in Google Ads results in just five days, making it the top result of the first page in both devices the desktop and mobile results. We have designed premium landing page for traffic attorney content with keywords in mind.

Putting their Google Ads budget to the best use, DiscoverMyBusiness restructures and optimized their Google Ads data from previous strategy – first, improving conversion rate by developing a new landing page; second, improving the efficiency of Google Ads campaigns

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Results and Value

Crunching the hard numbers proved the case that what DiscoverMyBusiness had done is worked. Within the first 12 months, TicketCrashers saw a 37% percent increase in conversion rates. Going beyond just the conversion rates, they saw an decrease in cost per click by 64% percent. Because sending traffic to a specific page is critical to business.

On the Google Ads, their advertising money came in with the verdict they desired. After working for almost 12 month with Google Ads company has received 4,637 actual phone calls made and 1245 forms filled.

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